Thursday, October 2, 2008

World Farm Animals Day

Welcome to triple-threat-thursday! Today is:

World Farm Animals Day

Guardian Angels Day

(my birthday)

So, friends of farm fresh fem, I bet you're wondering what it all means. I have a custom-made, simple plan to celebrate! Of course, you creative-types are welcome to contribute your own ideas. The simple plan is this:

On today, October 2, celebrate World Farm Animals Day by being an angel and excluding animal products from your diet for the day (or the month, year, forever... you get it). Consider it a gift to me and the animals! 

Oh, and it looks like the peeps at have some ideas of their own.  Check it out and happy three-in-one-day-thursday!


Bex said...

I think that cow needs a hug

FarmFreshFem said...

That's Maya in the foreground and Coco in the back. And you're right-- all cows need hugs!