Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How to have a truly *Happy* Turkey Day!

    Though the duopoly of the presidential election didn't really make me want to put on a party hat and sing the national anthem, something remarkable did happen on the west coast this November 4; voters passed Prop 2 , a landmark decision in animal agriculture. I'm so proud of and thankful for the organizations and individuals that got behind this campaign with full-force and defeated Big Agriculture and its $9 million campaign against Prop 2. 

    Now that the ballot boxes have been checked "yes," there's another way you can make a difference to help farm animals and bring good karma to the table at Thanksgiving. Start a new, cruelty-free tradition everyone can be truly thankful for by adopting a turkey instead of eating one. It costs only $25 to sponsor one of these noble creatures that Farm Sanctuary has kept off the table and provided with shelter, food and special care-- in fact, at Farm Sanctuary's two shelters, they have a feast for rather than of the turkeys! If you're near Watkins Glen, NY or Orland, CA, enjoy a vegan feast and go hug a turkey for me (really, they like hugs)!

   Share the love with Phoenix, Hawthorne, Apollo, Serendipity and their turkey friends by adopting a turkey today. If you're like me, a veg among omnivores, it's a great way to set a compassionate example and get your friends and relatives thinking about the true spirit of the holidays and extending love and care to all creatures. In addition to bringing a vegan dish for everyone to enjoy, my boyfriend and I will adopt a turkey and take his or her photo to share at Thanksgiving dinner and  explain why we'd prefer to have Tofurkey on our plates!

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