Saturday, September 27, 2008

"Lay Back and Raise Hell"

Said the late Paul Newman, who died yesterday after battling with cancer. His wishes were to "die at home" and so he did. Newman was a family man, a giving man, and a creative entrepreneur. 

And oh yeah, a major movie star. I feel like my generation, especially we natural foodies, probably knew the legend more for his infamous homemade salad dressings than for his 81 movies and T.V. appearances (according to imdb). However, I'm pretty sure my own zany dad would jump into character if I mentioned "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid."

When I first picked up a bottle of Newman's Own Marinara, I thought it was just another "ma and pa" style product. Reading the label (vegans always read labels! I encourage this behavior) I discovered that Paul Newman ("hmmm, that name sounds somewhat familiar," I thought) was the face on the label and the man behind the product. I also was happy to hear that all of "Pa" Newman's profit went to charities. Newman's spelt pretzels and the punnily named "Fig Newmans" (actually made by "Newman's Own Organics," a spin-off brand run by Nell Newman under the tutelage of her father) soon found their way into my grocery basket, stomach, and heart. 

So here are a few highlights in tribute to the late Paul Newman, his legacy a whole lot of goodness in our world and our pantries. I hope you will take the time to be inspired.

A video narrated by Newman about his "Hole in the Wall Camps" charity. 

The Newman's Own website, temporarily narrowed to a one-page tribute on the founder due to "unusually high traffic."

And, in light of the fact that finances are on even a farm-fresh mind in this time of uncertainty, an article from CNN Money's Small Business section about the future of Newman's Own without Paul

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