Friday, January 21, 2011

Day Two: Are we there yet?

You know how in cartoons when characters get really hungry and everything around them starts turning into big slices of pizza or burgers? I'm not quite hallucinating yet, but my stomach did a back-flip every time someone mentioned food (especially French toast, which is not a normal part of my diet but sounded amazing).

Though I started on the right schedule today, I also started with a small cheat -- a "tofu neal" at Bouldin Creek where I met some friends for breakfast. It was tofu and spinach with nutritional yeast -- so the cheat was mushrooms and a whole-wheat tortilla. Hardly worth mentioning. But delicious... unfortunately I was very sick to my stomach for a good part of the morning and lost most of what was in my stomach. I don't blame Bouldin -- not sure what that's all about.

12:30 snack was filling, but I really don't care much for "plain" yogurt unless it's being used in a recipe. Parfaits were made for vanilla...

At 4 p.m. my chances of making it to the next meal at 5:30 without a little "help" were grim. I stayed busy, but was ultimately conquered by hunger and gave in to a piece of toast with sunbutter. Had that piece of bread been in a red box with a glass window, I would have definitely broken the glass to get to it.

Sald for dinner was nice, but didn't last. I went on a walk (to Anthropologie!), came back to work, and was hungry again within the hour. I was in a really good mood with a lot of energy all day and am trying to stay positive about the plan, especially since I chose to challenge myself for these five days -- but it was an uphill battle until my smoothie at 10 p.m. So much so, that I added a side of spinach cooked with garlic. I don't know if Cynthia Sass made this plan with outdoor retailers in mind, but I'm on my feet all day working, and I think it's a bit impractical. If I were kayaking or doing yoga, I really think I'd need an extra meal. Three days left? I am full of the love in my life...

But oh, for some French toast!

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