Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Days Five & Six: Moments of weaknesss/Moment of truth

Day five was hunger hell. I followed the schedule, but switched some meals around for time's sake. I've been working every day of the fast forward and have to make sure I have everything ready in advance. As usual, tons of energy in the morning (thank you, breakfast?) and tapered off a bit for the evening. But the main deal was that I was hungry. So hungry. I'm not sure if it was knowing that the "end" was in sight or just having a pretty physical day at work, but my body was no longer having it. So I made it through the work day, headed to Whole Foods, and grabbed some Amy's Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free mac'n'Daiya cheese and at it alongside some green peas and a single Uncle Eddie's cookie. Heaven. Fast Forward? Finis.

Day six, or, "the day after," was pretty sweet. I didn't follow the fast-then-feast model that a lot of people do when dieting -- celebrating the end of their diet with a double-fudge sundae. Yogurt for breakfast had been working out well, and I was happy to be able to add some beloved cranberry pecan granola and bananas to the mix.
And then, the moment of truth: Project Anthropologie Pants -- Fail. They "fit," but it's not a good fit. Before admitting defeat, I dug in the closet for two pairs of hiking pants that were a little snug around the waistband, and, voila! They fit! Room to spare. So my scientific observation is that the five days resulted in the slight shrinking of my waist, but had no effect on my hips and butt (hence, the skinny pant fail). But the true benefits, I think, are in reconnecting with my hunger-patterns, getting on a better eating schedule, stabilizing my blood-sugar throughout the day, and tuning into my emotional connections to food.

So in conclusion, I encourage you to eat, love, and listen to your body. And right now, my body is telling me it's time for dance party. Stand up and get down!

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