Sunday, January 23, 2011

Days Three & Four: Where our heroine is faced with fatigue and loathing...

I will not bore you with the details nor exhaustively divulge my eats and cheats for these two days, so here's the skinny:

I've had a remarkable amount of energy early in the day (without caffeine), in spite of poor or little sleep, and I think breakfast is the culprit. That's right, I blame breakfast for my perkiness, my bubbly-ness, my general skipping about and smiling. In spite of every nutrition book and self help book and public service announcement in the world, I have gone many months with not a single calorie in the morning. Wait, does vodka have calories? Just kidding.

Yesterday (day three) I caught the tired-train going down the mountain and it was full speed ahead until a near crash with the horizon in the last hour of my workday. Instead of going home to nap and abide by my diet, I went to a lovely dinner party where the hostess and friends had deliberately gone out of their way to make vegan food and desserts so I could partake with everyone else. Needless to say, I diverged from the plan, but very sensibly if I do say so myself. Dessert consisted of a single vegan cookie (about the size of the circle you make when you touch your middle finger to your thumb), two tablespoons of almond ice cream, and chicory coffee with very little sugar and a couple splashes of bourbon. It was a party in my mouth -- laissez bon-temps rouler! And I really didn't feel guilty.

A friend mentioned an article she read (will have to find out where that was and post it) about how when people go on radical weight-loss diets and shed pounds quickly, the toxins that were formerly stored in the fat are released and make one miserable. I'm not one of those people who hears about an illness and immediately self-diagnoses, but it might explain why I've been really sick to my stomach twice (including in the middle of the night) during this very clean diet.

Not sure about the weight-loss part, though. This morning I was brave enough to try on the coveted Anthropologie pants -- they button, but the fit is not ideal. I realized some of the strain is coming from the hips, and that's going to be a whole different ballgame to tackle -- luckily for me, it's football season.

Day four was more of the same -- high-energy daytime, no-energy evening, and a whole lot of hunger. Le sigh.

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