Friday, August 1, 2008

(Farm Fun with Fragments) FS Day 1

My first official day on the farm was quite excellently exhausting.

After orientation with the other new residents and a Colbert style round of "Better Know an Intern," I realized I'm not alone in leaving my job, my boyfriend, my cat and my security at the gate to pursue my passion and find out more about who I am. Our stories had some major similarities in spite of the divisions in age/geography/personality and I think I'll really get along with this group of passionate vegan femmes (I know, it's a vegan miracle!). Plus, one of my Canadian housemates likes to cook and I already know we'll get along well.

Because I did so much today, I'll give you the sentence fragment abridged version: licked by cow, nuzzled by sheep (allergic to wool but shockingly no reaction), giant pig belly rubs, tiny piglet watch (mission: help mama pig keep premies safe and warm), still smitten over chickens, met FS staff, helped prepare for hoedown weekend (folder stuffing, lifting, stairs, weeding, sun, more lifting, more stairs...), five minute meals, happy in spite of oncoming migraine.

Oh, and the gift shop has Uncle Eddie's Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies, which will likely get me through several more farm-filled days.

That's it for now--I will have pics up soon, probably through flickr. Right now I'm a "possibly maybe" for yoga at 8:30 a.m. and a "right on" for FS President Gene Baur's presentation at 10:15.

I hope you're all doing well cityside and I promise my posts will be witty and farm-fresh-fem-fun-filled (or at the very least, bepictured) in the near future (after I get some sleep).

P.S. - How do all these people not know Flight of the Conchords?! Why? Just because their rhymes and records, they don't get made?

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