Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Farm Sanctuary, Week 2

Happy Tuesday! Tuesdays for a Farm Sanctuary intern mean “Ed. Lunch,” where our coordinator, Don, makes delicious vegan meals (accommodating for the wheat sensitive!) and we learn about some aspect of Farm Sanctuary and the work the organization does at large. Last week was our introduction video and tour and this week we actually talked to my boss, head of the communications department, about communications and media as they relate to the org. We covered a lot of ground over Don’s sweet and comforting apple cobbler (w/soy ice cream, of course).

 One of the topics at lunch was how so many environmental organizations are unwilling to publicly (and sometimes individually) make the connection between climate change and “food animal” agriculture, or factory farming. Whether optimist, pessimist, realist, publicist, activist, environmentalist – we have a finite amount of time in which to turn this carbon-spewing bus around.

 So, my challenge to you: If you’re not ready to switch to a completely plant-based diet, try going at least one day a week without eating meat, eggs, or dairy. But be careful, there are some addictive side effects to eating like a vegetarian: moments of clarity, unexpected bursts of energy, feelings of inner peace, and an enlarged (proverbial) heart with room for all creatures.


Mom said...

Very true,I think I'm going to turn vegetarian!!

FarmFreshFem said...

Are you really? That's so exciting! I'm proud of you either way, but it would be nice to take turkey off the table at Thanksgiving.