Monday, August 25, 2008

Muddy Mondays

Hello, Farm fans!

I feel like I'm always either skimping on the 'blog or writing a novella, but today I'll keep it quick and dirty. I feel slightly less guilty as all my favorite 'bloggers seem to be slowing down as well-- maybe it's the summer sun. I'd like to thank Texas for sending us some rain in upstate New York (as improbable as that sounds). It's just another muddy Monday for me and the pigs. 

It's hard to swallow that half of all food produced worldwide is being wasted, according to an article from the Environmental News Service, but to make matters worse is the immense amount of water wasted in that production. 

Of course, this is hardly the tip of the iceberg lettuce. It's pretty infuriating to realize that there truly is enough food and water to sustain this planet's superfluous population, but as with wealth, food and potable water sources and consumption are divided wildly disproportionately.

This is definitely something we will revisit, but I promised quick and dirty.

So, step one toward reducing your waste and carbon footprint is, of course, switching to a plant-based diet. For those of you who may have taken my challenge in an earlier post to heart, let me know how great you feel! 

Step two: composting! Whether you're fortunate enough to live in a city with curb-side compost pick-up, or you want to grow-your-own with a backyard (or balcony) bin, turn your waste into tasty food for the planet.
For tips and tricks to getting your rot on, check out this simple and enlightening guide to composting from 

My boyfriend and I are vermicomposting, and sharing our apartment with about 1,500 worms is proving to be a plus-plus situation. They're small, quiet, and they basically excrete gold for your garden. Maybe one day I'll even be hardcore enough for humanure.

So what are you waiting for? Composting is hot!

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